Monday, July 2, 2007

Martyr Indu Bhushan Roy

Alipore Bomb Case

Indu Bhushan Roy was convicted to 10 years Rigorous Imprisonment previously hurled bomb at M.Tardival, Mayor of Chandannagar, Narendra Goswami was his companion. Narendra Bandopadhyaya of Chandan Nagar organised this action. Brutal and sadistic torture in the Cellular jail made him a mental and physical wreck. In desperation he committed suicide on 29.04.1912


ekesh said...

aap ek bada kaam kar rahen hain.

amrtheswaran Comal mahadevan said...

What a great dscrifice? Persistent efforts for change of duty fell in the deaf years of the jailer. He could tolerate, but not the words of insults. Pranams ! _/\_ Vande Mataram !!